Graphic Designer

Growing up, I lived in the middle of the woods and some cornfields. As an only child and neighbors being far and few, I had to figure out ways to keep myself busy; this is when my imagination and creativity took over. Every day was a new adventure, even though it was the same yard, same woods, and same creek. With my dogs by my side, the adventures were endless.


I knew that I wanted to grow up one day to be in the arts profession. That’s when Graphic Design came into the picture. 

Afraid that I would lose my hobbies to my career, I developed new art hobbies that keep me satisfied. I love to work with my hands and learning new crafts and techniques. A few main hobbies that I partake in are making dream catchers, canvas transfers, but, mostly, baked goods including cake decorating. Food makes people happy and pretty food even more so. 

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